Lawn Duty

Level Designer

Key Stats
5 Person Team | 16 Weeks
Engine: Unity
| Platform: Android
Genre: Puzzle

Lawn Duty is a 2D Puzzle Strategy game for Android devices. You play Lydia, a teenage girl who has to mow lawns and finish her route as fast as possible so that she can enjoy her weekend - along the way, she will need to avoid gnomes, dodge rocks, drink pink lemonade and rock out to some killer music.



  • Designed and implemented 2 levels in the final game

  • Created scripts that handled scene management, scrolling camera and multiple other obstacles

  • Imported animations and implemented animation controllers to play all animations in the game

  • Tracked progress and managed production documentation


While working on a team of five, I developed and refined a lot of technical and process skills - including, but not limited to the process of scrum, agile development, working in Unity, specifically 2D, the Tile-Map and the Animator, and working within a team environment for game development. As a member of the team, I developed best practices for using version-control software, team communication and working in a spiral based development process. On the team, we also encountered and overcame a number of challenges along the way, including optimizing touch input controls, communicating often and efficiently with stakeholders and adapting the game based on user feedback.

Sample Documentation