Team Projects


Go Go-Karts
Lead Producer - 45 Person Team

  • Collaborated closely with the leads team to ensure that all disciplines were on schedule and in line with the GDD.

  • Managed and led the team, creating deadlines to stay on schedule, tracking and managing progress.

  • Mediated team member conflicts, arbitrating disputes between and within disciplines, both about content and about personal conflicts.

  • Created the backlog, modified JIRA workflows and negotiated milestone requirements with stakeholders.



Lawn Duty
Level Designer - 5 Person Team

Designed two levels and helped tune and refine mechanics across the game.

Assisted through all disciplines in the project, ensuring that the game stayed on schedule.



Unity, Twine, JIRA, Maya, Audacity, Adobe CC Suite, Microsoft Office Suite (Specialty: Excel, PowerPoint, Word)

Soft Skills

Empathy, Team Coordination, Mediation, Culture Creation, Public Speaking


Backlog Creation and Grooming, SCRUM, Scheduling, Usability Testing, Social Media Campaign Planning


C#, Data querying (JQL)